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What our customers think...

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Green FAT PP Knife
Joseph Greene
Me and my family all have fat PPs

And the knife you guys sell is cool too


No lie, this Fat PP has shown use time and time again. Not only does it never occupy my main pockets, but it’s incredibly fun to ask if someone wants to see my fat pp

Very Pleased

The shipping was nice and fast and I am quite pleased with the quality of my Fat PP….knife

Great product, great gift idea

I love my FAT PP so much I gave FAT PP's to my friends. They love them as well.

Best PP I ever had!

I love my silver fat pp. It fits in my pants perfectly! You should get one…

Awesome tiny knife

I really enjoy the YouTube videos and I needed a small knife so I got one it is awesome

Exactly as advertised

A solid little knife that fits well ony car keys

Cant wait

just bought it and feel like a new man because of it. The knowable that I will be part of a group who among us, are part of the few who will be the first owners of such an object.

Only the brave will try..

This is my first time buying something without seeing it usually I like to see it for ya know my reasons. I hope I open it and it makes my pp excited to have a partner.

Silver FAT PP Knife
Rolando Magallanes
Fantastic Knife

Best small and sharp knife around! Love my FPP and have gotten lots of compliments about it’s small form. Great gift idea to friends and especially so the women in my life to also have a Fat PP of their own.

Black FAT PP Knife
Andrew Hoyt
Fat PPs for all

Everyone should have the chance to have a Fat PP in their pants! Plus the Fat PP is the greatest box opener I have ever had.

This little guy really puts the motion in the ocean.

Anyone who says size matters, obviously doesn't have a fat pp. This little guy can do everything it's bigger counterparts can, and more! My black fat pp is good for almost anything! The only complaint I have is that while the western style tanto blade gives it good penetration, it can't go very deep with it's 1" blade. But as Jimmy once said on the Late Night Show: "You can get a lot of power out of one inch!"

Cool knife

Very cool knife ! I am now a dual carry kinda guy!😁🤘🏻

Black FAT PP Knife
Joseph Greene
I love the look on people’s faces when I ask if they’d like to see my fat PP


FAT PP Knife (2-Pack Deal)
Matthew Westerhaus
Fat PP = Happy me me.

Great little knife, I've even managed to not yet run it through the washing machine! Goes in my little pocket every day and is a handy tool for light duty tasks and makes a great conversational piece. I enjoy telling everyone about my Fat PP.

My fat PP

It's nice to finally belong and have a fat pp. My fiancé also loves her fat pp. Unfortunately the two pack only came in black and she would have loved green. But the product is worth the money. Cool little knife!

More than I expected . . .

Though these knives are tiny, they are perfect for my needs. As a gov't contractor, I am limited to a knife with a 2.5" blade. To make sure that I am not accidently "donating" the knife at the entrance to a facility, I wanted something that without a doubt would meet the requirements. The blade is sturdy and meets my needs.

Truly a FAT PP

Its well made, fits the 5th pocket with ease, and has enough heft to get a firm grip while using it... As suggestive as that sounds, it is an accurate description of this knife. 5 FAT stars!

FAT PP Knife (2-Pack Deal)

Green FAT PP Knife
Todd Hoffman
Full grip

As soon as I got my Fat PP, I tied a lanyard to it so I can jerk it out of my pants quicker and using all my fingers. Feels so good.

Green FAT PP Knife
Valdemar Hvidt hansen
It is good

I like the fpp knife it is good

Look at that lil fella

People stop and stare any time I whip out my Fat PP. "Would you look at that lil fella", they say in jealous astonishment. Some might question if it's big enough for the job. Well, my girlfriend tells me it's the perfect size. Everyone should get their hands on a Fat PP today.

Proud owner of a big FAT PP

the black FAT PP with a gray blade creates a nice blend of tacticalness and uniqueness. The FAT PP when folded may seem small but when it erects, it can penetrate quite a few things. It’s really sharp, and you can have one too.

Everyone loved my fat pp

My wife loved it, my buddies loved it, even someone at the airport must have loved it since it didn’t make it home in my checked bag. I really miss having a fat pp in my pants.

Penis cooler

I was going to buy a fat pp but I saw this and figured that a pen is cooler than a very average sized knife.