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How to change your FN Pen ink cartridge

If you're here, it means you haven't lost your FN Pen and need to change out the ink cartridge, or you purchased the Fisher Space Pen ink cartridge. Either way, congrats!

The FN Pen was meticulously crafted to emulate the iconic design of a classic #2 pencil, with no compromises made to its exterior form. As a result, replacing an ink refill may require some additional steps. Here's a guide to get your FN Pen up and writing again:

Step 1: Secure the FN Pen body using a non-marring wrench or a metal wrench wrapped in a cloth to protect the hexagonal metal body finish from scratches.


Step 2: Using a second wrench or the wrench included with the Fisher Space Pen Ink cartridge, grip the flat sections on the nib tip near the pen tip. Twist the two wrenches in opposite directions (twist nib tip counterclockwise, pen body clockwise) until the nib is separated from the hexagonal pen body.

Step 3: Remove the old ink cartridge, the retaining spring that goes around the ink cartridge, and the plastic cap that secures the base of the ink cartridge. Separate the three pieces; keep the retaining spring and the plastic centering cap for reassembly.

Step 4: Insert the new D1 Ink refill cartridge into the plastic centering cap piece. Before inserting, ensure to remove any wax on the pen refill tip, as this may have been applied to prevent leakage during transit.

Step 5: Slide the retaining spring around the D1 Ink refill cartridge.

Step 6: Insert the cartridge assembly back into the pen body.

Step 7: Thread the nib back onto the pen body.

Step 8: Using the same wrench technique, gently tighten the nib back onto the pen body. Be careful not to over-tighten, as this could deform the metal if done improperly.

Step 9: Resume writing as normal with your FN Pen.

By following these steps, you can easily replace the ink cartridge on your FN Pen and continue enjoying its reliable performance. If you have any questions or encounter any issues during the process, please feel free to contact us for assistance.