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FAT PP Maintenance and Troubleshooting

 Here are some frequently asked questions on how to keep your FAT PP in great shape!

1) How do I sharpen my FAT PP?

You should be able to sharpen the FAT PP knife just like you would with any other knife. Sharpening steels and blocks work especially well. Some sharpening jigs may be difficult to use since the FAT PP's blade is so compact.  Sharpen carefully to avoid rounding the point between the primary and secondary edges.

2) Can I take my FAT PP apart for cleaning?

Yes, of course! Sometimes it's a good idea to do the occasional deep clean to get rid of all of the accumulated pocket lint and dirt. Assembly and disassembly are extremely straightforward with the FAT PP.  The main pivot screw uses a T-9 torx bit and the two rear scale screws use a T-6 torx bit.  When reassembling we recommend using a dab of Blue Loctite on all the screw threads to keep them secure during use.

3) How do I properly clean my FAT PP?

We advise using mineral oil or an eraser to remove stains from the blade. Cotton swabs and paper towels soaked with IPA will help remove unwanted debris on other parts of the knife.  We also recommend using a viscous lubricant on the pivot and along the detent path of the blade.

4) The knife is difficult to open. How do I adjust this?

Your FAT PP may be a little stiff coming from our manufacturer. At first, it may require two hands to open the knife until you fully break it in - this could take a little time depending on use. Some lubricants may also aid in this process. Apply lubricant to the pivot, any bearings or washers, and along the knife’s detent path which will become apparent after a few openings/closings.

If you need an immediate solution to loosen the action, a flat head screwdriver may be carefully inserted into the front gap of the handle to gently twist the frame lock arm upwards. This will relieve pressure on the blade so opening the knife will become much less stiff. Do not over twist the screw driver. Go light at first, try out the action, and progressively bend it further upwards until you reach your desired opening resistance. 

Thank you so much for your support while we get this design perfected and work out all the kinks on this first batch. Each version will undoubtedly be better than the last because of your feedback.